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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Just one word about Armenia: Wow

So far this trip had been crazy. I dont have much time to go into details about everything but wow. First of all khor virab is probably the most serene and zen place ive ever been to in my life. I was the first one down there of my group and i was alone in there for about 2 min and it was crazy. I wanted to just be alone in there for an entire day it just seemed so peaceful. I didnt realize how spiritual of a trip this would be. While I knew that I didnt want to simply go out and get wasted every night like I usually do while on vaaction, I couldnt fathom the spiritual effect Hayastan was going to have one me. Although the nightlife is also crazy, I was up drinking until 6am on friday night. The bartender made this drink that involved him setting the drink on fire and then trapping the gas then putting a straw in the cup with the trapped gas and making me inhale the gas. Ridiculous.
Yerevan is like a European city and I no longer see any reason to hit up Europe (except for convenience) when theres Yerevan to go to.
I'd like to go into detail about everything but I have to go to Echmiadzin and then the one and only Sardarabad. Then I'm of to Artsakh tomorrow morning.



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