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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Whiny liberals and ESPN bandwagons.

Random thoughts for today:
"The US should feel responsible for putting Saddam Hussein in power, but not responsible enough to do something about it." So the only way to keep you liberals happy was to allow you to bitch that the US put him in power without actually doing something to take him out of it. Uh ok.

“We should have gone into Sudan not Iraq, there is a genocide going on there.” Yes there is a genocide going on in Sudan and we should do something about it but the first rule of government is that every nation looks out for its own national security. One country was in the middle of a breeding ground for anti-US sentiment AND had some oil on the side, and the other country posed absolutely 0 security threat and is in the middle of a continent that brought us such great advancements such as the ebola virus and apartheid to go along with the god knows how many civil wars going on at any given moment. Yet we are still leading the world in voicing out against the genocide in Sudan.

Whats that sound? It’s the sound of millions of people and everyone at ESPN jumping off the McGrady bandwagon. I seem to remember them blaming Yao for everything that was wrong with the Rockets in the playoffs and how Dirk is a soft European player. Looks like after McGrady missed 16 shots while Yao scored 33 and the soft European got himself a nice triple double, McGrady might not be the next next Jordan.


Blogger Manson Wilger said...

Screw ESPN. They're good for sports scores. Hell, even Dr. Dre sold out to them and is doing movie reviews for a few bills. They don't know if they're coming or going. This is the establishment, enjoy.

3:01 PM

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