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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Complain like an Armenian or play ball like a Georgian?

So President Bush is in Georgia today (the country not the state). Here is a classic example of the US paying back people who play ball with him. Georgia had a "rose revolution" last year where the government was toppled by the people without a single shot being fired, then a Pro-US leader was put in place. Georgia is a country that two years ago people were saying was going to cease to exist in 5 years, now its quickly becoming one of the more stable governments in the region. Of course the Rose Revolution took place coincidentally after the US started a program to train the Georgian troops and increased the American presence in Georgia. All the while pissing of Putin even more because of American presence in his ex-Soviet territories. What Bush is doing with Putin is pure genius. While most people are complaining that Bush is too close with Putin while Putin is taking Russia back to the dictatorship of the Soviet era. What people dont realize is that while Bush is letting Putin do his thing in Russia, while calling him a great friend, hes putting Putin in a corner under the guise of friendship. What is actually happening is that Bush is gobbling up the ex-Soviet states and getting them into NATO, EU, Council of Europe and any other Western Institution he can think of. In the Caucasus he's installing a Pro-US democracy in Georgia, giving Armenia the 2nd most per capita US aid, and opening a pipeline to get the Azeri oil. While in the short term he's letting Putin worry about Chechnya, he realized there was so little he could do about Chechnya he'll let Putin control those areas and the US will take everything else.
So Bush thanks Georgia by visiting the country. A visit by the US president to a 3rd world country like Georgia will do wonders for their economy. US presidents dont travel alone, the security and media that follows him assured that there wasnt a single vacant hotel room in the entire region, not to mention the windfall for the prostitution in that area. It was a nice injection of cash while showing the world that the US will stand by you if you play ball (by playing ball I mean allow the US to control the region through your respective country.)
So why isnt Armenia playing ball? We'll for one thing all Armenians do is complaing about President Bush, and the Armenian Americans arent helping that cause any. The main issue is that Armenia has an identity which we won't deny. We refuse to be Pro-West and as a result we're pissing off the US. Do you think its a coincidence that the parliamentary shootings took place an hour after the highest US ranking official that had ever visited Armenia was leaving (I think it was the assistant sec of defense) or that the next time a ranking American official went to Armenia (assistant sec of state), there were major demonstrations and the opposition was trying to topple the government. So the last two major US officials to visit Armenia left and each time there was an attmepted overthrow of the government within a week. So while were not getting Presidential visits and taking a shortcut to development by playing ball, the Armenian economy grow on its own without artificial help from the US. Except for that free money the ANCA is getting for Armenia through Congress, but who'se gonna say no to free money?

Is not playing ball a good move or should we let the US come in and exert some power while helping out Armenia in the short term?
Ask me in about 10 years.

And whats with these blowouts in the NBA playoffs? Can we just skip the 2nd round and go straight to Detroit-Miami and Phoenix-San Antonio that everyone wants to see.

This could have been an extremely well written and informative post but I have a final on Thursday so you get this convuluted crap instead.



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