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Thursday, May 05, 2005

$100 million or $11: which can't we afford to lose?

As a note of housekeeping, new posts are going to be much shorter from now on.
I was going to write about the money missing in Iraq, but I received an email which I agreed with on the topic. After getting permission from the writer, I decided to post that instead.
Thanks to S.D. for this post.

100 million missing. But out of 8.8 billion. Thats 1.1% of bad accounting. Assuming we all probably have about $1000 in our bank accounts, that would be like us not being able to account for $11 when balancing our checkbook. Id be very happy with that, as I am frequently unable to account for mroe like $100, which means I wouldve lost $1 billion in iraq. These people are professionals, but they are spending money thats not their own, dealing with the money coming from who knows how many sources and wire transfers through international borders, 3rd world countries, corrupt middlemen from bankers to suppliers to soldiers to messengers. I cant even account for $10 I spent at the corner american market.U.S. Can't Account for $100M Spent in Iraq - Yahoo! News

And for you hill folk who were commenting on what this site is lacking heres a link to a poll of if the Armenian Genocide should be recognized, the Turks seem to have started a poll and started voting no, so it's time to get the rest of the world in on the voting.



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