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Friday, April 29, 2005

Maiden postage

Wow I never knew these things were free... there must be a catch somewhere, theres no way that the kind people of are simply trying to create an avenue of thoughts and expression throught the world. Well until I find the catch i'll keep posting.

So I'm Kris and this is my blog.

Right now I'm studying for my law school exams. People say that law school is really tough, well thats only true if you plan on graduating at the top of your class. I have basically mastered the art of cramming, and the mere fact that I'm in law school is a strong testament to that. Of course just because I'm cramming in teh librar right now doesn't mean I'm efficient in any way, I end up doing random things like starting a blog. Earlier today I also did the dishes for the first time in about 15 days. Even though its roughly 300 square feet, my studio is really a mess right now but I'm sure it'll be spotless by the time I'm done with finals. No better time to tie up loose ends than when youre supposed to be studying.

What you'll find on this blog. As the name of this site says, my life is cut down to three basic categories: Politics, sports and drinks. My worldy interests are boiled down to politics. I worked on the hill for a couple of years then worked in gov't relations for a short while too. If you want to know, I think the President is an idiot and the Democrats refuse to stand for anything. How the hell is the GOP taking the charge on issues like Social Security and driving up the deficit while the Dems are talking about ethical violations in Congress. As I recall it was the exact opposite in the early 90's when the Dems were in control and the Republicans were talking about the House banking scandal and stuff like that. Basically whichever party has been in control of Congress for a while starts to get drunk with power.
On another political note my friend just won the election to be the city clerk of Glendale, CA and my other friend is going to run for parliament in Canada for Bloc Quebecois. As I'm sure almost none of you know or care, the government of Prime Minister Paul Martin up there is having some huge corruption scandal and as a result it looks like the coalition is going to fall apart and theyre going to call for new elections. So if my friend wins in Canada and since my other friend won in Glendale, my plan for world domination has officially begun.

As for sports, it looks like the Dodgers suck again. This is how we thought they would be all year but they shocked us with that random 'best start in dodger history' way to begin the season. Depodesta dismantled the team ala Mitch Kupchak and the Lakers, but it looks like the Dodgers wont be anywhere near as bad as that basketball team in downtown (either one of them). I'll give Depodesta a shot, he just didnt like the players on last years team and decided to use his moneyball tactics in LA, he'll have more money than they had in Oakland so this will be a true test of "moneyball".

As for the drinks portion of the program: The past few months i've been splitting most of my time between Bubsys and the Golden Gopher. Those two bars couldnt be any different from each other if they tried, except for the fact that theyre both places I like to go and drink. Busbys has the hot girls and the Gopher has the artsy intellectual type, both have their benefits.

Dont forget to watch Arrested Development this Sunday, it looks like they might cancel the show and that would be a shame. It's one of those 'its actually embarrasing for people who dont get the jokes because the ones who do are on the floor laughing" type of shows.

Thats it for this introductory episode of my blog. It's highly unlikely that future posts will be this long but you never know, I'll post anything that I think is intersting and worthy of being on my site.



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