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Monday, July 18, 2005

Oh ya... my blog

I completly forgot that I had this blog. I apologise to all of my loyal readers who have consistently been loggin on to find out what I have to say. Well since my last post many things have happened. Not only did I finish my law school exams, but I just finished my summer school paper. I took a Supreme Court Seminar during the summer, which is pretty cool since we now have an opening on the Supreme Court. Looks like were gonna get a moderate to replace O'Conner, which is good since she was a moderate. If Bush goes moderate with this pick then that'll show all the liberals out there who have been screaming about Bush being the devil who wants to get rid of their right to choose. Of course if he does go moderate then the liberals will take full credit for it and double their organization and activism, so he might as well go with a conservative. I'm not all for it but since the left loves to bash him and we all know no matter what he does he's going to be demonized, so he might as well do what he wants.
And this whole Rove getting fired business? Please the boy genius got Bush to where he's at, twice, and if there is one thing in the world that Bush is its loyal. Why is Gonzalez going to be the next Supreme Court justice and Rove remain as deputy cheif of staff? Because the left is going after both of them so hes going to remain loyal to his friends and stand by both of them.

Other than that my golf game is not going anywhere. After shooting a 103 from the championship tees at hansen dam, ive followed it up with a 111 and 114. Time to hit the range. Tennis was getting good at one point but i've stopped playing regularly.

Its been a summer of Jager shots and Red Bull Vodkas. So same as usual.

And im off to HAYASTAN. Thats right bitches, off to the motherland, Armenia here I come. With a 4 day layover in Moscow, Vodka and Russian prostitutes and hopefully i'll make it back alive.

We'll see.



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