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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I moved to SF? Really? Why?

Why did I move to SF? I’ve been getting that question a lot recently, probably because I picked up and moved here in a moments notice with no real reason… but that’s exactly the point, there was no real reason. If you haven’t figured this out yet about me- I love to travel and try different things. After studying for the bar for a few months I needed to get away and go on some sort of vacation but since I traveled a ridiculous amount while in law school, I couldn’t really afford to take a bar trip like everyone else. I also had no job to hold me over until I get my bar results and was gonna take some contract position for a few months anyway so I figured why not do it somewhere else- like a paid vacation where you work during the day. I took the CA bar so I wanted to stay in CA and see if there were any cities besides LA where I might want to practice law so it was really a no brainer. I want to be in a big city and I want city life, im sick of the suburban life of LA and having to drive everywhere so it had to be somewhere with good public transportation. It needed to be somewhere where I wasn’t going to pay a lot for housing so that left one destination. Nareg recently bought a big house in the city and had a few extra rooms to spare so I called him up and got myself a place to stay.

After being here a month the very first thing people from LA ask is “why did you move to SF? Are you gay or something the girls there aren’t as hot as LA.” My response is whatever man relax so there aren’t the hot Lindsey Lohan wannabees trying to be the next big thing in Hollywood but what the hell does that matter? Im not going to cancel a move solely because you think the girls aren’t as hot. It absolutely amazes me how many people really think that’s a valid reason to not move out of LA, like youre dating models every night buddy. I like change and moving to SF meant change, it meant something different, waking up everyday with a new adventure trying to discover a brand new city with new and different people. The people here are very friendly and very different from anywhere else I’ve been. Its also the most beautiful city in America. It calls you to go out there and see all it has to offer. The other day I grabbed a book and drove 5 min down to the beach where I sat on some rocks and just read while enjoying the scenery. This is something I would never do in LA, not because there are no beaches there but because I just wont do it. I grew up in LA so all my old friends are there and I end up taking the easy way out and just doing the same things over and over again. Here I do something different everyday and try to go out and really experience this part of California. I want to go see the redwoods and hope that theyre actually interesting to see and not just a bunch of tall trees, I want to check out the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, go wine tasting in Napa or check out a local festival in the park. Tahoe is close and a road trip to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver is not out of the question. Theres a whole new world of possibilities and I really had nothing to lose. Yes LA is great and it is where I will always call home and go back to, but right now I had time until bar results so it was to end up somewhere random and see what exciting adventure tomorrow will bring.
(well tomorrow I have work but you get the point)


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