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Monday, July 23, 2007

Stupid Bar exam

My Parents Frequently Forgot to Read Children's Stories all they told me was that Armadillos From Texas Play Rap Eating Tacos. then i went to the casino and said I Put Five Bucks Down and remember the days when Clinton and Lewinsky Fondle Covertly Congress Fiegns Disgust but it was probably just MILD SEX. after the bar everyone will know that Cha Cha Is My Favorite Dance and ill tell my boys Good Dog no no Very Good Dog! random fact of the day: Frank Sinatra Didnt Prefer Orville Redenbaucher.

If I missed any please let me know.
Best of Luck to everyone I dont want to see any of you in the library in February, nor do I want to see myself at the Library ever again.



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