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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

gods vengeance

How vengeful can a god get before people start accepting applications for a new one.

I love people who directly communicate with god. I wish I had that talent but I don’t. Now if I go around saying I spoke to god and he told me what he thinks of the current status of the world- you would probably have me committed. OR apparently under the right conditions I could be the leader of an organization that has enormous political power or I could even be mayor of what was once the coolest city in the U.S.

So on January 6 (the real X-mas, we were first so we must be right), Pat Robertson said that the stroke of Israeli Prime minister Ariel Sharon was god’s vengeance for dividing up his land and giving Gaza to the Palestenians. What!? Let me get this straight, this all powerful all peaceful god you speak of just cause Sharon to suffer a life-threatening stroke because, in the name of peace, he gave the Palestinians some of “Gods land.” So god would rather have his land fought over for thousands of more years and suicide bombers blowing themselves up along with hundreds of innocent civilians instead of offering the land to live in peace. That’s just ridiculous.

Fast forward 10 days to today and the mayor of New Orleans just said that the hurricanes that completely destroyed his city was a sign that “God is mad at America”. He said god is mad at America for the war on Iraq AND because the black communities are tearing themselves apart with political infighting.

Lets not forget that on September 13, 2001 the reverend Jerry Falwell said that "God may have allowed what the nation deserved because of moral decay and said Americans should have an attitude of repentance before God and asking for God’s protection."

We’re talking about two major religious/political leaders of this country and a mayor of one of the larger and most famous American cities all making God out to be this vengeful being that punishes those who do not live their lives the way he wants them to.

You know I cared a lot more about this stuff when I started writing but all of a sudden it seems like a boring topic so its not gonna make it to my myspace blog but I’ll have it up there for you blogspot readers.

My bottom line point is that what the hell is wrong with everyone, 1) what kind of people think they actually know what god is saying? 2) what kind of people actually pay attention to the people in point 1? and 3) why would you worship a god that seems to be so vengeful and uses human suffering as a way to show us what we should be doing. I thought Jesus was all about love and peace; have we digressed back to the crusades where God=death? Why cant he just make things good for us so we wont do these “sinful” acts, or if he’s all powerful then why cant he just make us not do these things? I’m not against religion but wake up people! Do you see how ridiculous you are. Sharon’s stroke was because he gave away gods land? It’s the first and possibly only thing he’s ever done for peace in his life. We used to laugh at people who thought this way now they’re the people with major influence in our country with their political capital and devout following.

Ok that didn’t turn out how I expected it to and I’m in no mood to read it over to correct/change anything so there it is. This sucks cause my last Moscow entry is all about observations of life in Moscow and Western influence, now that’s gonna be two non-comedic entries in a row and im gonna lose my audience. Oh well I don’t really have an audience anyway so it doesn’t really matter.


Blogger HyeHipHop said...

this is the first tim im checking out ur page, you got some interesting points in there. I am fairly religious but I just cant stand people who say that whatever shit happened is because of god, or god wanted that way. What if things happened that way because people did it that way!!!

5:27 PM


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